Johanna (Jodi) Hoadley

I'm Jodi (aka Johanna, but most people call me Jodi). I'm a product leader with track record of delivering highly rated consumer-facing mobile, social and subscription products and commerce experiences. (Apple, Yahoo, Little Passports, SFGate, Texture and more).I love building and fostering high-functioning teams while creating data-driven, best-in-class customer journeys. I also love hiking/backpacking, coffee, learning, travel and adventures.At work, I thrive on driving product strategy and implementation, with a focus on problem solving, intuitive user experience and results. I'm a leader and staff manager with the ability to build relationships, communicate effectively and work with cross-functional teams.With more than 15 years experience in varied roles and industries, I pride myself on being adaptable, enjoying new things and striving to be a good human. (Fun fact: I started my career as a news reporter.) I build teams who love what they do (low attrition) and products consumers love to use (high ratings, NPS).


  • Strategic and Tactical Planning

  • Subscription Funnel Optimization

  • Product Ownership: Apps, Web, Internal Tools

  • Results-Driven Decision-Making

  • Team Building and Staff Management

  • Partner Negotiation

  • Writing, Editing and Communications

  • Social Media & Product Marketing